Boa Vista 2023

On 22nd November a wing + kite team of 18 headed to Boa Vista, Cape Verde for 7 days. Each and everyday was jam packed – starting with stretching and a beautiful sunrise swim!

We fueled our days with breakfast consisting of virtually anything you could ever want and at 9/9:30 we headed off in the 4×4 trucks, full of interesting conversations, reflections on the day and belly ache laughs. Each day had a new exciting buzz about it, with a new location, new wave, new skills under the belt + creating lots of memories.

Too excited to check-in, we all jumped in the trucks and headed straight to the town for a swim. Thursday was Ervatao for the day, with a solid 18kt breeze, we were kiting – twin tip and strapless and winging all day – I think triple sessions all round! With the spot to ourselves and a 5km beach to play with, we all scored heaps of waves and got confident again on our gear. The best end to a magical day was Strava finding a turtle nest and we spent the sunset helping the turtles into the Ocean!

Friday we had a split day to score the very best conditions throughout the day – and we lucked out! We spent the morning at Varandhina riding the beautiful waves and pushing each other to catch the very best waves. Guy was then pushing for a mission to Ponta Antonia (P.A) – the conditions were so good we were riding until sunset. With plenty of waves for everyone and an equally epic twin tip lagoon at the front, it was one to remember!

We spent the next couple of days at Ervateo which involved some surfing, fishing, heaps of sessions, waves and an epic beach BBQ with cold beers. We headed up to Geoff’s cairn and shared the most amazing panoramic view of the Boa coastline before heading to a local bar for an evening drink in the town.

We then had a couple of days in the town, pitching up at the wingfoiling club, this location is the perfect location for both beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. With English reef pumping to the left, we rode out to the break off the port, with double overhead waves the team were shredding!! Pumping sets rolling in through the harbour entrance and a light but solid breeze. Everyone was shredding!

Until March Boa – get in touch if you want to be on the list for our March trip – new locations to come!